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Siciliana Collection
Traditional scrollwork designs from the Sicilian region
Sicily is said to be the most conquered island in the world and dozen of civilizations have left their mark on its art
developing a Mediterranean culture that begun upon the arrival of the Roman Empire in Sicily which brought Etruscan influence to the Sicilian ceramic art.
Our “Siciliana” collection feature traditional scrollwork designs are typical of the Sicilian region located at the extreme south of Italy.

Deruta Classic Wall Plates
“Piatti da Pompa” masterpieces by maestro Umberto - Deruta.
The majolica of Deruta is noted for its stylized portrait of heads and figures.
In the renaissance era, these masterfully hand painted wall plates and containers, were exchanged as gifts among the noble families as they were often commissioned to depict a family member and also exchanged in special occasions between lovers for wedding or anniversary occasions.
Each Umberto’s masterpiece is signed by the artist himself.

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